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Five Things I Know About College Admissions

1. Where you apply means more than it ever has. Parents and applicants put a lot of time and effort into their school list. Too often I hear, “Stanford is my dream school!” Dreams are good. But a dream that has little chance of becoming a reality is not. I...

Legacy Admissions Are No More In Colorado

In a very interesting move, Colorado has a new law making it illegal for admissions officers at colleges and universities in Colorado to give preferential treatment to legacy applications. Read about it here:

Test Optional Is Not What You Think It Is

This year was brutal for college applicants. Applications were up big time, some (I’m looking at you, Colgate!) were up more than 100%. And while schools are for the most part continuing test optional for this application cycle, that doesn’t mean...

Rice University’s Expanded Enrollment

With college admission rates dropping every year, Rice University is doing what seems like a great idea – admit more freshman. Read the piece here: