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If I ask very nicely, will you write my essays for me?
We DO NOT under any circumstances write essays for applicants. Ever! We take academic ethics very seriously.

How are you different from other college essay consulting companies?
You will not be dealing with a team of essay consultants. No “operators standing by.” You will work with a dedicated expert with a wealth of experience and expertise in a one-on-one, highly personal experience.
My English teacher offered to help me with my essay. Why should I work with you?
We offer the services of an interested and inquisitive outsider who can get to the heart of you, the subject, faster and easier than a teacher with time constraints and whose objectivity might be compromised.

How long will it take me to finish my essay?
Generally, between 7-10 days.
How private and confidential are your services?
Highly! The essays are written by and are the property of each student. We guarantee that names and essays are never used, sold, shared, or distributed under any circumstances!
What makes for a truly magnificent college application essay?
We are proud to have worked with a wide range of students over the last five years. Each essay is unique because each applicant is unique. There is no “one perfect essay” that applies to every applicant. Everyone has his or her own story to tell. We’ll help you tell yours the right way.

of our students were accepted to their first-choice school!

Andrew W.
Class of 2022

Jenny T.
Class of 2022

Christine T.
Class of 2022

Claudia Y.
Class of 2022

Nicole W.
University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2022

Brandon W.
University of Michigan
Class of 2022

Ben B.
University of Chicago
Class of 2022

Aydan R.
Class of 2022

Daniel W.
Class of 2022

Alex Y.
Class of 2022

Caroline L.
Class of 2022

Carmen H.
John Hopkins
Class of 2022

Charlie O.
Class of 2022

Emma Y.
Class of 2022

Aneesha I.
Class of 2022

Eric R.
Class of 2022

Ian G.
Class of 2022

Garrett U.
Class of 2022

Thomas B.
Georgia Tech
Class of 2022

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“Our daughter will be attending the University of Chicago and we feel it is because of Robert’s expertise.”

—Yoonchan C, Philadelphia, Penn