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The Undergrad Essay Process

Common App Essay

At Your Best College Essay, I specialize in providing a uniquely tailored, one-on-one experience for crafting undergrad admissions essays. 

My mission is to empower applicants to create compelling, unforgettable essays that significantly enhance their prospects of gaining acceptance into their dream elite institutions. 

What awaits is an exciting, results-driven journey designed to ensure a productive, enjoyable, and seamless essay writing process.

My Approach

At the core of my approach lies a steadfast commitment to authenticity and personalization. 

I believe that genuine, heartfelt narratives have the power to captivate admissions committees and leave a lasting impression. 

By delving into each student’s unique experiences, passions, and aspirations, I strive to unearth the authentic voice that sets their essays apart. 

This emphasis on authenticity ensures that every essay reflects the student’s true essence, creating a powerful connection with the reader and amplifying the impact of their application. 

I advocate for a collaborative journey between the students to cultivate exceptional essays. 

Through open dialogue, constructive feedback, and mentorship, students are guided to unleash their creativity and articulate their stories with clarity and conviction. 

My coaching service brings a wealth of expertise in admissions, writing, and academia, providing invaluable insights and support at every stage of the essay writing process. 

This collaborative approach fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas, nurtures confidence, and enables students to produce essays that resonate deeply with their target institutions.

Personalized Consultation

Tailored Sessions to Understand Student’s Aspirations: 

Every student is unique, and their aspirations are as diverse as they are. 

In my personalized consultation process, I conduct tailored sessions that delve deep into understanding each student’s individual aspirations, goals, and personal narrative. 

Through insightful conversations and empathetic listening, I aim to uncover the essence of their journey, allowing me to guide them in articulating their experiences and ambitions with precision and sincerity. 

We create impactful narratives that resonate authentically with admissions committees by aligning the essay content with the student’s aspirations.

Personalized consultation is the cornerstone for establishing a solid coaching partnership built on trust, collaboration, and mutual understanding. 

During these initial sessions, I lay the groundwork for a supportive and empowering coaching relationship, fostering an environment where students feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas. 

By cultivating this foundation of trust and open communication, students are empowered to confidently explore their stories, knowing that they have a dedicated partner invested in their success. 

This collaborative approach sets the stage for a transformative essay writing journey, ensuring that the final essays encapsulate the students’ aspirations and potential in a compelling manner.

Crafting Compelling Narratives

I facilitate a guided exploration of each student’s personal experiences and aspirations, aiming to unearth the stories that define and distinguish them. 

Through thought-provoking discussions and introspective exercises, students are encouraged to delve into their most meaningful life experiences, challenges overcome, and moments of personal growth. 

By navigating this introspective journey together, we uncover the raw material for compelling narratives that authentically reflect the student’s character, values, and aspirations. 

This process of guided exploration ignites a sense of purpose and authenticity, enriching the essay content with personal depth and resonance.

My role extends beyond mere essay crafting; it encompasses the art of infusing depth and resonance into all facets of the application materials. We create a holistic portrayal of the student’s unique identity and contributions by weaving together personal narratives, academic achievements, and extracurricular endeavors. 

This approach amplifies the impact of the application package, elevating it from a collection of credentials to a compelling mosaic of the student’s character, passions, and potential. 

Through skillful storytelling and strategic content alignment, we imbue the application materials with a profound resonance, leaving a lasting impression on admissions committees.

Exceeding Admissions Expectations

In the college admissions landscape, “exceeding admissions expectations” represents a pivotal opportunity for students to elevate their application materials beyond conventional standards. 

It involves empowering students to surpass the expectations set by admissions committees, thereby positioning themselves as standout candidates in a highly competitive environment.

To achieve this, students can focus on crafting essays and personal statements that go above and beyond the standard criteria. 

Students can captivate admissions committees and leave a lasting impression by infusing their narratives with authenticity, depth, and resonance. 

This entails delving into personal experiences, aspirations, and achievements in a way that highlights their unique character and potential contributions to the academic community.

Furthermore, exceeding admissions expectations can involve a strategic approach to aligning application materials with the mission and values of the target institutions. 

By conducting thorough research and customizing their essays to resonate with the ethos of each college or university, students can demonstrate a genuine interest and alignment with the institution’s culture and academic offerings.

Empowering students to surpass admissions committees’ expectations also entails providing them with the tools and guidance to navigate the complexities of the application process. 

This may involve comprehensive coaching, insightful feedback, and a collaborative approach to essay development, ensuring that students have the support they need to present themselves in the most compelling and authentic light possible.

By embracing the concept of exceeding admissions expectations, students can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and introspection, ultimately culminating in essays and application materials that transcend traditional standards, setting them apart as exceptional candidates in the eyes of admissions committees.

Setting the Stage for Impact

In pursuing academic success and meaningful contributions, setting the stage for impact involves nurturing persuasive and authentic narratives that resonate deeply with admissions committees and academic institutions.

I believe in cultivating narratives that transcend the ordinary, infusing each essay and personal statement with a sense of purpose, authenticity, and persuasive power. 

Through a meticulous process of exploration and refinement, I guide students in articulating their experiences, aspirations, and accomplishments in a compelling manner. 

By honing their storytelling abilities, students develop narratives that capture attention and leave a lasting impression, effectively communicating their potential to contribute meaningfully to the academic community.

Beyond the realm of essay crafting, setting the stage for impact involves equipping students with the skills, mindset, and confidence necessary to excel academically and make meaningful contributions during their collegiate journey. 

This entails instilling a sense of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and resilience, preparing students to thrive in the academic environment and actively engage with their chosen fields of study. 

Additionally, I emphasize the importance of ethical leadership, community engagement, and a spirit of innovation, fostering a holistic approach to education that extends far beyond the confines of the classroom.

By nurturing persuasive and authentic narratives, as well as equipping students for academic success and meaningful contributions, we lay the foundation for a transformative educational experience—one that empowers students to not only gain admission to their desired institutions but also to flourish as scholars, leaders, and agents of positive change within their academic communities and beyond.

Transformative Potential

The transformative potential inherent in the college application process lies in the ability to unlock the transformative power of personalized coaching, enabling students to present unforgettable application narratives that resonate with admissions committees and leave a lasting impact.

Personalized coaching offers a tailored approach to guiding students through the complexities of crafting compelling application materials.

By understanding each student’s unique background, aspirations, and strengths, personalized coaching unlocks their transformative potential, fostering a deep sense of self-awareness and confidence. 

This process goes beyond conventional guidance, delving into the core of each student’s experiences and aspirations to crystallize their most impactful stories and achievements.

The power of personalized coaching lies in its ability to unearth each student’s authentic voice, empowering them to articulate their narratives with clarity, passion, and resonance. 

Through strategic brainstorming, meticulous editing, and empathetic mentorship, students are equipped with the tools and insights to express themselves in a way that captivates and inspires admissions committees. 

This personalized approach ensures that application narratives are compelling and genuine, reflecting the essence of each student’s journey and ambitions.

By unlocking the transformative power of personalized coaching, students are empowered to present unforgettable application narratives that transcend the ordinary. 

These narratives encapsulate the depth of their character, the breadth of their accomplishments, and the sincerity of their aspirations. 

The impact of these narratives extends beyond the written word, resonating with admissions committees on a profound level and positioning students as remarkable candidates with the potential to make meaningful contributions to their chosen academic institutions.

Ultimately, the transformative potential of personalized coaching lies in its capacity to elevate application materials from mere documents to captivating stories of resilience, growth, and ambition. 

By harnessing this power, students embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, culminating in application narratives that are truly unforgettable and indicative of their immense potential for academic and personal success.

Why Choose Our Coaching Service

At Your Best College Essay, we understand the pivotal role that personalized coaching plays in shaping unforgettable application narratives and positioning students for success in the competitive landscape of college admissions. 

Here’s why my coaching service stands out:

  • I have extensive experience guiding students through the intricacies of the college application process. 
  • I bring a wealth of knowledge, a nuanced understanding of admissions criteria, and a proven track record of empowering students to craft compelling, authentic narratives. 
  • With backgrounds in education, counseling, and admissions, I possess the expertise to provide tailored guidance that aligns with each student’s unique strengths and aspirations.

By choosing my coaching service, students gain access to a wealth of expertise, personalized guidance, and a proven methodology that has propelled numerous students to academic success. 

I am committed to nurturing the potential of each student, empowering them to present captivating application narratives that resonate with admissions committees and set the stage for a transformative collegiate experience.

Lets Get Started

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey toward crafting compelling application narratives and unlocking your true potential? 

Schedule a personalized consultation with Robert today and take the first step towards securing your academic future.

I will work with you to find a convenient time for your consultation, where we’ll delve into your aspirations, experiences, and goals. 

This initial consultation serves as the foundation for tailoring our coaching approach to meet your specific needs and set you on the path to success.

I’m committed to empowering you to present your most compelling self to admissions committees, and we look forward to partnering with you on this remarkable endeavor.

Let’s transform your college application narrative together—contact me today to schedule your personalized consultation!

All Applicants Please Read

All subsequent consultations are scheduled at the end of every phone call. 

Changes or rescheduling consultations are done via email. 

No texting, please! 

Phone consultations should be conducted in a quiet place. 

Please don’t call while in a car with friends, at a Starbucks, in the US Open Tennis Championships stands, or at the beach. 

Drafts must be received by midnight the night before a consultation. 

If a draft is not received by that time, the consultation will be rescheduled. 

Because applicants occasionally need immediate guidance outside of a scheduled appointment, I block time daily for these calls. 

I can schedule them with an email request that day or the next. 

While I make every effort to find all grammatical and typographical errors, it is the responsibility of the applicant to proofread their own essays.

Parents Please Read

A supportive and involved parent is always helpful. 

Please limit communication with me to email only.

Please do not call or text. 

I hope parents will allow me and the applicant the independence this process requires to build rapport. 

Parents should not be on calls when I am working with an applicant. 

I ask parents not to edit essays or to offer advice or opinions on drafts. 

While a second opinion can be helpful in many fields, it is not helpful in the creation of admissions essays. 

I do not negotiate creative content with parents, college advisors, or outside influences. 

Please trust that my experience and judgment have led to years of consistent admissions success. 

If an applicant misses a consultation, I alert the parent. 

If an applicant misses three consultations, I reserve the right to terminate the agreement, and all fees are forfeited. 

The consultation will be rescheduled if an applicant is 15+ minutes late for a call. 

Activities lists are an additional fee. 

Honors, scholarship, and dual degree essays are counted differently.

Things To Keep In Mind

Having worked with over 800 college and graduate school applicants on 4,000+ essays, I understand the idiosyncratic nature of the college and graduate school admissions process. 

I never promise that an applicant will gain admittance to the schools they are applying to. 

If I have an opinion about whether an applicant will be competitive for admission to a particular school, in that case, I consider it my duty to discuss this with the parent and applicant. 

Students and parents are responsible for the admissions portal. 

Essay completion is based on official submission deadlines, not arbitrary dates dictated by college advisors and guidance counselors. 

I never write essays for applicants, as that is unethical.

Expectable Document Formats

Google Docs or MS Word

Deadlines to Remember

All ED/REA/EA essays with a November 1st submission deadline must be received by me for final review by October 26, 2024,11:59 PM EST.

The Your Best College Essay offices close on December 15, 2024

Contact Robert for more info.


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