College Application Essay Consultant

The March 15 college application transfer deadline is bearing down!!!

The essay that accompanies your application is vital in conveying to admissions officers why you wish to transfer to another college or university.

We know this essay very well and have had tremendous success with it!

We’ve worked with more than 300 students on their way to admission at: Yale, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, U Chicago, Princeton, and many others.

Call now and give me 5 minutes to explain how 84% of our applicants got accepted to their first choice school!

Common Application Essay

The Common Application Essay

We work in a highly personalized, one-on-one atmosphere helping applicants brainstorm potential topics, and then craft the essays in their own voice. Our aim is for them to communicate who they are, not just the scores they received.

The Individual College Supplements

Once an applicant has completed his or her personal essay, it’s time to tackle the individual school supplements. In many ways, the supplement essays are vastly underestimated. By answering questions which are unique to the school, the applicant has the opportunity to make their case in specifics. We know what admissions officers are most looking for.

The Common Application Transfer Essay

The special challenge here is for an applicant to persuasively articulate why their needs weren’t met at their previous school and why the next school will be a better fit. We understand the correct tact and tone is vital to making your case for admission.

The Graduate School Essay

Writing the graduate school essay can be one of the most daunting aspects of the graduate school application process. Communicating that you are intelligent, literate and possess interests and abilities in common with the program in which you are interested is imperative to creating a memorable essay. Let us show you how to accomplish this.