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A well-crafted essay leaves an indelible impression.

A well-crafted essay leaves an indelible impression.

of our applicants are accepted
to their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice school

Cara D.
University of Chicago
Class of 2024

William R.
Class of 2024

Clair K.
Class of 2024

Emily S.
Class of 2024

Grace T.
University of Chicago
Class of 2024

Andrew M.
University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2024

Conor N.
Class of 2024

Emma J.
Class of 2024

Emily Y.
John Hopkins
Class of 2024

Alex D.
Class of 2024

Danielle R.
University of Chicago
Class of 2024

Nikita W.
Georgia Tech
Class of 2024

Claudia C.
Columbia University
Class of 2024

Arielle L.
Class of 2024

Chris R.
Carnegie Mellon
Class of 2024

Gina B.
Rice University
Class of 2024

Anson F.
Class of 2024

Olivia P.
Harvey Mudd
Class of 2024

Nicole F.
Class of 2024

Maggie K.
Class of 2024

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"We spoke with many essay consultants, and it was clear when we spoke with Robert that we had to have him work with our son!"

—Fred B, New York, New York

"Your service exceeded our expectations by miles! We believe that your help with her essays got our daughter accepted at U Penn."

—Barry G, Los Angeles, California

"The entire process went so smoothly. You’ll definitely be hearing from us next year with our younger daughter."

—Susan H, Dallas, Texas

"Our son once emailed Robert with a question on a Sunday night at 11 PM, and he responded! Incredible service!"

—Dipkia C, Boston, Mass

"Our daughter will be attending the University of Chicago and we are confident that it is because of Robert's expertise!"

—Yoonchan C, Cincinnati, OH

"The admissions counselor at Princeton said that our daughter’s essay was one of the best he had ever read."

—Kim D, Alpine, New Jersey

Robert Schwartz

Jordan and Ryan, two applicants applying to the same elite school for the same competitive program, have nearly identical grades, test scores, and extra curriculars. Jordan’s personal statement is a serviceable story, decently written, but a rote topic which is all too familiar to the admissions officers. Ryan’s personal statement is a complete original: a stellar, sharply written work of art, replete with insights into their life experience. Ryan’s personal statement is one that admissions officers will discuss, make copies of, even pass around as they lobby the committee. Ryan’s personal statement will leave an indelible impression.

Which applicant is more likely to be accepted?

My process is to engage deeply, thoughtfully, and enthusiastically with every applicant. I climb inside their heads looking for clues into who they are. My mission: to help them unearth original essays that differentiate them from the thousands of other applicants vying for a select few spots. My role is to be their shrink, tutor, editor, and cheerleader. This is how I help applicants achieve their goals and get accepted to their top choice school.

To the college essay admissions process I bring skills honed as a television writer, a screenwriter, and a journalist. Entering my ninth year, I have worked with nearly 400 bright, motivated, and exceptional applicants who each year are accepted to T10 colleges and universities. I love what I do and am immeasurably proud of every applicant I work with and their results.

Dig deep. Be original.



Robert Schwartz

Journalist, Screenwriter, College Essay Expert

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    “The admissions counselor at Princeton told us that our daughter’s essay was one of the best he had ever read.”

    —Kim D, Alpine, New Jersey