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Robert has worked with over 1000 applicants on 4000+ essays. And has 100s of Ivy League acceptances!

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Applying to college can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be, if you have the right help during the application process.

I’m Robert, founder of Your Best College Essay, and over the past 12 years I’ve assisted more than 1000 college-bound high school seniors on admissions essays that have helped them get accepted into Ivy League and Ivy League Plus schools.

The admissions essay gives applicant an opportunity to share their unique experiences, perspectives, dreams, and aspirations directly with the admission officers, and in their own voice.

Done right, the essays can be that one aspect of the application that distinguishes you from thousands and thousands of other qualified candidates with similar grades, test scores, and extracurriculars.

With my help, you’ll craft an exceptional essay that shines a positive light on your application, increasing your odds of getting accepted. Let’s get started!

I Create a Fun, Judgment-Free Environment for Creating Authentic Essays

My commitment to fostering a fun and judgment-free environment for genuine essays is unparalleled.

My encouragement that applicants express themselves in thought-provoking ways greatly improves the quality and impact of their essays.

By creating this type of environment, I offer valuable support and guidance to college hopefuls, enabling them to effectively convey their unique perspectives and stories.

Express Yourself in Thought-Provoking Ways

Writing a college essay can be overwhelming, but fear not! With my expertise, you’ll have a chance to shine and improve your chances of getting into your dream university.

My fun and non-judgmental approach to college application essays helps set Robert apart.

He provides a safe space for students to express themselves in thought-provoking ways.

Say goodbye to boring essays and hello to captivating admissions officers!

Hundreds of Students Accepted into Top Universities

My expert guidance has secured acceptances into the most prestigious universities for thousands of students.

From the Ivies to Stanford and MIT, from Duke to UChicago, I know what kind of essay moves the needle on your candidacy, and can get you accepted.

With personalized attention to each student’s strengths and experiences, I maximize their chances of getting into their dream schools.

Be Honest and Authentic in Your Admissions Essays

Unleash your true self in your admissions essays with my guidance!

He creates a supportive environment that encourages honesty and authenticity.

Trust my expertise to help you craft standout essays that will make an indelible impression on admissions officers.

Let your uniqueness shine and impress with Robert’s stellar college essay help.

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of our applicants are accepted to their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice school

Zoe W.

University of Chicago
Class of 2028

Julie D.

Class of 2028

Thomas M.

UPenn – M&T
Class of 2028

Jason B.

Class of 2028

Andrew K.

Columbia University
Class of 2028

Victoria B.

Northwestern University
Class of 2028

Anna S.

Class of 2028

Laura B.

Class of 2027

Victoria S.

Northwestern University
Class of 2028

Lea D.

Class of 2027

Anish T.

Class of 2027

Anna T.

Class of 2027

Ryan K.

Class of 2027

Sarah W.

Johns Hopkins
Class of 2027

Lauren T.

Carnegie Mellon
Class of 2026

Gina S.

Johns Hopkins
Class of 2026

Luke L.

Class of 2027

Alan W.

Class of 2027

Alexa A.

Class of 2027

Ben S.

Class of 2027

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"Robert's arrival on the scene was not only key tactical support. He helped our daughter have faith in herself and the outcome and gain excitement about the possibilities for her future. "

—Eve T, Boston, Massachusetts

"Robert's service exceeded our expectations by miles! We believe his help with her essays got our daughter accepted to MIT Early Action."

—Amy J, San Francisco, California

"Robert's relaxed and fun demeanor helped our son to open up and express himself in ways he never had before. He's at Columbia and couldn't be happier. Hire Robert!"

—Sue W, New York, New York

"One Sunday night at 10:30 our daughter emailed Robert with a question. And he responded! Exceptional service!"

—James T, Seattle, Washington

"Our daughter will be attending the University of Chicago and there is no question it was because of Robert's expertise!"

—Richard S, New York, New York

"Hiring Robert was the best decision we made during the admissions process. Our son got into UPenn Wharton, and it's thanks to him!"

—Barry P, Greenwich, Connecticut
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