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YALE University – Essay Writing Consultant

If there is a school that an overwhelming majority of the applicants I work with want to attend – it’s Yale. The first question I ask when one of them sings the praises of Yale and expresses an interest in going there is directly from their supplement essays – “Why Yale?” And invariably the answer I get back is, “Because it’s Yale.” Those applicants might struggle to get in, because the applicants I work with do have a bigger answer. The ones who get in answer with: Yale has a rigorous academic program that will challenge me to think critically while I engage in demanding research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge. Yale’s commitment to academic excellence is exemplified by its world-renowned faculty and their expertise and dedication to teaching. And if that answer doesn’t satisfy me that they know Yale and will thrive there, they keep going with their answer.

college students walking on campus
If you like large classes of 100+ students, Yale is not for you. They’re small, intimate, academic settings are where students learn and engage not just from their professors but from other students as well.

Yale has nine short answer essays. Most are things an applicant has seen before: Why Yale, what’s your major and why, etc. But there is one 200c short answer essay which is my favorite: What is something about you that is not included anywhere else in your application?
The reason I love this prompt so much is that it the best opportunity an applicant must express
whatever you want about yourself, something weird or quirky even, that says to admissions
officers, “very cool!”

Yale doesn’t just choose a class to admit, they curate it. If you have an interesting profile of
activities that tell admissions officers who you are, you stand a better chance of being admitted.