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  1. The right school list means everything! Every year, college lists for applicants become too reach-y! Sure, Yale seems nice, but is it possible? The school list means everything. Want to take a risk? Great! Go for it! But too many Yales is dangerous.
  2. Request Your Letters of Recommendation In Mid September At Your Peril: I tell applications all the time, “get your letters of rec in the spring before senior year.” That’s when teachers have the time and when the letter will likely be better, more thoughtful. Too often when the letters are requested in the fall, teachers are too busy, resent being asked late, or just plain say no.
  3. You Need To Take The SAT/ACT:  Test optional is likely not for you. Do test prep, take the test, get a good number – you will find better schools will be your friend.
  4. Don’t Let Your Friends Read Your Essays: Your friends know nothing about admissions essays, what admissions officers want, or how to write knowledgeably about a college or university.
  5. Start Early! Start your personal statement in April/May, then the supplements immediately;y after. You’ll go back to school finished with your applications. You’re welcome!
  6. If You Have A College Advisor – Do Not Ghost Them: Be in touch, do your work, reply when they email you. C’mon, the help is there!
  7. Arrogance Is Not Your Friend: Too many applicants think they deserve to get into Yale. Newsflash: They do not! The kids I work with who consistently get in are kind, humble, and hard-working. Be one of those kids!
  8. Fill Our The Common App Portal They Day It Opens: Lots of info required there. Get it done. Take the few days and be ready to submit.
  9. Keep An Open Mind When You Visit A School: Too many schools get dismissed because the applicant was in a bad mood. It should be fun visiting a school. Bring that mind-set to the campus!
  10. Keep Calm: Everything is going to be fine. You’ll get in somewhere good and do well.