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Greetings, future Yale students! As you embark on this thrilling phase of your academic adventure, we stand ready to assist you in navigating the Yale-specific inquiries for the Coalition Application, Common Application, and QuestBridge Application for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year.

Our aim is to make this process as seamless and informative as possible, ensuring you have all the necessary information to complete your applications confidently.

We’re excited to support you every step of the way.

Short Answer Section – Unveiling Your Academic Aspirations

Applicants choosing to apply through the Coalition, Common, or QuestBridge Application platforms will be invited to engage with a series of thought-provoking questions. These questions are meticulously designed to delve deep into your academic motivations and future aspirations.

Yale University offers its students an unparalleled chance to explore their academic interests deeply before committing to a specific major. The approach at Yale is incredibly flexible; students are encouraged to explore various disciplines, with the liberty to change their focus or even pivot entirely if they discover new interests.

Given this academically nurturing environment, which academic fields are you currently drawn to? Yale invites you to select up to three areas from their extensive list that align with your aspirations or pique your curiosity.

Furthermore, Yale is eager to understand which particular topics or concepts within your chosen academic fields genuinely captivate you. What is it about these areas that ignite your enthusiasm? Please share the reasons behind your fascination, ensuring your explanation does not exceed 200 words.

Lastly, Yale is curious about what aspects of Yale have captured your interest and motivated you to apply to this prestigious institution. Is it their inclusive community, their commitment to academic excellence, or perhaps something more specific? They will ask you to limit your response to this question to 125 words or less.

For those utilizing the QuestBridge Application, Yale has made it convenient for you to submit your thoughtful responses through the QuestBridge Questionnaire. Once we have received your application, you can easily access it via the Yale Admissions Status Portal, ensuring a streamlined and comprehensive evaluation process.

Revealing More About Yourself – Short Answer Section

If you’re applying through the Coalition Application or Common Application, you’ll be presented with a unique opportunity to share more about yourself through the following short-answer questions.

Each response is limited to 200 characters, which is about 35 words, encouraging you to be concise yet impactful:

  • What drives you in life? Consider what genuinely motivates you each day and share that driving force.
  • Yale’s residential colleges regularly organize engaging dialogues featuring guest speakers from a wide array of backgrounds. If given the chance, whom would you invite as a guest speaker from any era in history, and what specific issue or topic would you want them to address?
  • Imagine you have the freedom to design a new course at Yale. What would you name it? Think about a subject you’re passionate about that could enrich the academic offerings at Yale.
  • What is something unique about you that hasn’t been highlighted in other parts of your application? This is your chance to share an aspect of your personality, experiences, or interests that makes you stand out.

These questions are designed to give the admissions committee a deeper insight into who you are beyond your academic achievements. Take this opportunity to reflect on what matters most to you and how you can contribute to the Yale community.

2024-2025 Yale Supplement Essays

Essay Section – Delving Deeper

To complete your application, you will be required to select and thoroughly respond to one of the two detailed essay prompts we have provided below. Your essay should be thoughtful and reflective, ensuring it does not exceed 400 words in length.

  1. At Yale, we highly value the open exchange of diverse ideas and opinions within our community, which is characterized by its ethical standards, interdependent relationships, and diverse cultural elements. We invite you to reflect on a time when you engaged in a meaningful discussion about a critical issue with an individual whose views opposed yours. Describe the context of this dialogue, the crucial points of discussion, and how this conversation impacted your perspective. Did it enhance your understanding and reasoning for holding onto your original viewpoint, or did it inspire you to reevaluate and possibly change your stance? Your response should delve into how this idea exchange contributed to your growth and understanding.
  2. Reflect on a moment in your life when you took it upon yourself to contribute positively to a community with which you identify strongly. This could be any group or assembly of people you feel deeply connected to, whether based on geographical location, shared interest, cultural ties, or social commitments. Describe the actions you took to make a difference and why this particular experience was so meaningful to you. What motivated you to take action, and how do you perceive the impact of your efforts on this community? Feel free to define ‘community’ in a way that resonates with you personally.

We encourage you to use these prompts as a platform to showcase your writing skills, individuality, values, and unique experiences that have shaped your perspective.

Special Instructions For Coalition Applicants: Showcase Your Creative Side

For applicants utilizing the Coalition Application, Yale extends a unique request: please upload a digital creation that serves as your personal reflection on the essay prompt you’ve selected. This digital creation could take various forms – an audio recording that captures your voice and thoughts, a video that visually represents your ideas, an image that conveys a powerful message, or a document that you’ve meticulously crafted. Alongside your upload, please include a concise, one-sentence description that encapsulates the essence of your creation.

Yale welcomes a wide range of file types to accommodate your chosen medium of expression. The preferred formats are MP3 for audio submissions, MOV for video files, JPEG for images, and Word or PDF for written documents.

Yale encourages you to focus on the authenticity and originality of your submission rather than on professional-level editing or production values. Their goal is to witness your raw creativity and the personal insight you bring to the prompt.

It is important to note that the Admissions Office will review these digital uploads with great interest as part of your application. They provide a unique opportunity for you to showcase your creativity and how it connects to your academic and personal aspirations.

For those applicants wishing to submit additional material for Yale faculty review, such as art portfolios or research projects, please refer to the specific instructions outlined in the Supplementary Material section. This ensures that your submission is directed to the appropriate department for evaluation.

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