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I get questions all the time. Here’s a popular one I receive from parents.

Q: How do we choose the right schools to apply to?

A: School choice comes down to a number of factors. Let me break them down:

  1. Academic fit: You’re going to be educated there. Does it have the major you’re looking for? Does it have classes you want? Is it a school you can see yourself growing and learning as a student? Will the school prepare you for your career?
  2. If you visited (definitely visit!) did you feel comfortable there? College is a lifestyle too. Did you like the campus? Did you like the city? Are there activities you can do there inside and outside of your major? What were the dorms like? Did you speak with students who go to school there? What did they have to say?
  3. Does the school work geographically? Remember, you’ll be going to and fro for holidays and winter/summer breaks. How long will it take to get home either by plane or car?
  4. Can you get in. I know, this seems obvious, but can you? Is it too reachy? Be reasonable with your choices. Remember, the pool of applicants is large. If you really and truly in your heart think your application will be competitive, go for it! If not, apply elsewhere.
  5. Will you be proud to attend school there. Seems like a silly question to ask. But will you?

The answers to these questions will give you a good idea of whether you should apply to a school.