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I get questions all the time. Here’s a popular one I receive from applicants…

Q: Is it okay if I write a funny essay?

A: Not only is it okay, it is appreciated by AO who will love the break and the risk. Being funny in an essay is hard, you don’t want it to sound jokey. But if you have a funny experience or situation that we think lends itself it a personal statement, I say wholeheartedly, “go for it!” That said, a funny personal statement is really best for a certain kind of applicant. By this I mean, high grades/scores/extra curriculars mean that an applicant can perhaps take some chances or have some fun in their essay. I had an applicant last year (accepted to Harvard) who wrote a hysterical essay about being an only child, and what that means when his parents fought, which was (unfortunately for him) a lot! His essay was funny, but not forced. The situations were funny which made it feel natural. It was one of my favorites from last year. So if you want to be funny and it feels right, do it!