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I get questions all the time. Here’s a popular one I receive from applicants….

Q: How important is my activities list?

A: Very important! Look at it like it’s your resume. They want to see what your life outside of class was like. The activities say a  lot about you. Those extra curriculars tell them what your interests are, how long you did them, what your responsibilities were. And it’s not just about being a participant. Did you create a club? Does it look like it meant something to you? Did you grow it? And what I think means so much – did you have a succession plan, a way to keep the club going long after you graduate.

I see lots of applicants just throw their activities list together. I want them to be careful about how they compile them, the order they place the entries, how they are written, etc. One hundred and fifty characters isn’t very much, so spend as much time writing them as you do your essays.Also, the activities should be grouped together.