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YBCE In The News

The Seattle Times just published my perspective on the college admissions essay, post-COVID and SCOTUS obliterating affirmative action in admissions. Here it is:

2023-2024 UChicago Essay Prompts

If you aren’t familiar with the UChicago essay prompts, you are really missing out. While many schools go the simple “Why” essay route, Chicago marches to its own drummer. As a college essay consultant, I love these essays so much. They are fun,...

College Essay Q&A: The Parent (Part 2)

I get questions all the time. Here’s a popular one I receive from parents… Q: How exactly did you get into the admissions consulting business? A: One question I most often ask the applicants I work with is, “how did that (the experience they had) make you feel?”...

YBCE on WNYC Radio

Recently, Your Best College Essay was featured on WNYC – NPR’s local radio station in New York City. Hope you enjoy the interview.

The Apply Texas Essays: A How-To Guide

The Apply Texas essays, not unlike the UC essays, carry a lot of weight for an applicant. The questions are pretty straightforward, but in the same vein as the Common Application Essay. In fact, if an applicant will be applying to the UT schools and some private...