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Applicants always have questions. And their questions are always good ones. The FAQ page of this website isn’t nearly long enough to include all of them. So here are some of the overflow.

Q: “Can I write a follow-up email to the school I most wish to attend so that I can make sure they have everything they need from me and to express my enthusiasm for going there?”

A: Yes! This is a very good idea as long as you remember a few very important things. 1) Open the email with your query about whether they have everything they need from you. That’s important business and your real reason for writing. 2) Make it very easy for them to reach you if they need something. That means include your address and phone number. The last thing you want admissions to do is have to find your file and look through it for your contact info. 3) Briefly and succinctly express your desire to attend their school. Do not gush! Just state how excited you are at even just the possibility of going to school there. And, 4) make sure this email is no long than three paragraphs.