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 BA/BS – MD Program

BA/BS - MD Program

The BA/BS-MD program is a way for an applicant to earn a BA/BS degree, then upon graduation, automatically be accepted to the medical school associated with the institution. The benefit of this is that an applicant won’t have the stress of taking the MCAT. Without question, more is asked of an applicant to these competitive and challenging programs. An applicant is expected to have lived a full life of academic pursuits, extracurricular interests, and internship and summer experiences with which to draw from and write about on all of those required essays.

Our Process:

  • Via telephone, we will discuss the Common Application essay prompts as explained in the Common Application essay page. Then we discuss the BA/BS MD supplement essays for the first school. We brainstorm, outline, then first drafts are written.
  • When I’ve received the first draft, we discuss what works and what doesn’t. The applicant uses our notes and suggestions to write another draft.
  • Next up is one more review of their draft. This is where we flag up mistakes or errors the applicant has made.

Persuasive BA/BS-MD essays tell admission officers what your grades and test scores simply cannot. These essays tell them who you are; what kind of college/medical school student you will be; what is unique and exceptional about you – this is what must be emphasized! These essays are geared to discuss the reasons why the applicant wants to enter the medical field, what experiences they’ve had shadowing doctors or donating their time in a hospital. Typically, candidates applying to these programs have a plethora of experiences outside of the classroom to draw from.


of our students were accepted to their first-choice school!

Cara D.
University of Chicago
Class of 2024

William R.
Class of 2024

Clair K.
Class of 2024

Emily S.
Class of 2024

Grace T.
University of Chicago
Class of 2024

Andrew M.
University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2024

Conor N.
Class of 2024

Emma J.
Class of 2024

Emily Y.
John Hopkins
Class of 2024

Alex D.
Class of 2024

Danielle R.
University of Chicago
Class of 2024

Nikita W.
Georgia Tech
Class of 2024

Claudia C.
Columbia University
Class of 2024

Arielle L.
Class of 2024

Chris R.
Carnegie Mellon
Class of 2024

Gina B.
Rice University
Class of 2024

Anson F.
Class of 2024

Olivia P.
Harvey Mudd
Class of 2024

Nicole F.
Class of 2024

Maggie K.
Class of 2024

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