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 Business School Personal Statement

Business School Personal Statement

Your MBA application essays are a chance for the committee to know your story—your path to applying to their school. What you tell them can mean all the difference to your application. With more applicants than ever applying for their MBA, those essays are the ideal opportunity to show admissions who you are outside of your GMAT scores.

Our Process:

  • Via telephone or video chat, we will discuss the essay prompts for each school the individual is applying to.
  • We will then teach the applicant how to create a structure for the essays, which the applicant will then use to write a first draft.
  • When we receive the essays, we will discuss what works and what doesn’t. The applicant uses our notes and suggestions to write second drafts.
  • Next up is one more review of their drafts. This is where we point out mistakes or errors in the text.

Your goal in the essays is to give the committee a good sense of who you are, why you are pursuing an MBA, and how you will leverage that degree in pursuit of your future aspirations. Your essays should be honest and in your own voice. Your only goal is to make your essays so compelling and powerful that admissions officers can’t help but want to meet you.

of our students were accepted to their first-choice school!

Hannah D.
Class of 2023

Nicole W.
University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2023

Kevin Z.
Class of 2023

Alex R.
Class of 2023

John H.
Class of 2023

Danielle T.
Class of 2023

Jeremy D.
Class of 2023

Sarah O.
Class of 2023

Daniel P.
Class of 2023

Amy Y.
Class of 2023

Ian G.
Class of 2023

Clair K.
Class of 2023

Sam T.
University of Michigan
Class of 2023

Stephen E.
University of Chicago
Class of 2023

Rebecca I.
UC Berkeley
Class of 2023

Kendrick Y.
Georgia Tech
Class of 2023

Katie D.
Class of 2023

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