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Transitioning From High School To College

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni often writes about college applications and college life in general. In this column, he writes about transitioning from high school to college. Very much worth a read!

First Generation College Students

I work often with applicants who are the first ones in their families to apply to college. These kids are so inspiring! The New York Times has a wonderful article about some of these applicants. If you have kids who will be applying, they should know how lucky they...

Four Standout College Application Essays

Every year, the New York Times invites college-bound high school seniors to send in their application essays. Here are what they deem to be the best of this year’s crop.    

Congratulations To Our Applicants!

Every year at this time our inbox blows up with the good news announcing where our applicants were accepted. Congratulations to the Class of 2021. Lytle R, Penn, Class of 2021 Josh R, Berkeley, Class of 2021 Erica D, Yale, Class of 2021 Paula L, Stanford, Class of...


This is another in a series of posts about some memorable applicants, their essays, and how we found them together. Julie’s mother Katie called me one afternoon.  I had been recommended by another mother whose son I had worked with twice. Julie had written three...