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 Common Application Transfer Essay

Transfer Essay

The Transfer Essay needs to clearly articulate why the applicant’s current school is not a good fit and why he or she wishes to transfer. Then this essay turns forward-looking by asking applicants to share their future goals, what they wish to accomplish, and what kind of individual they hope to become.

Our Process:

  • Our process for the Common Application Transfer Essay begins with a phone consultation or video chat where we learn about the applicant’s reason for transfer. Once we determine why the applicant wishes to transfer, we are onto part two: “the objectives you wish to achieve.” Since transfer applicants have one or two years of college behind them, schools expect them to have a better idea of what they wish to study and what career path they will seek post-graduation.
  • We then assist them in creating their own outline, which they use to write a first draft.
  • Once we receive the first draft, we have a second consultation to discuss what is working, what is not, and what can be done to elevate the essay. We suggest notes and comments the applicant uses to write another draft.
  • The applicant then sends us this last draft where we discuss any more changes they can make to the essay.

The weight of the transfer essay in the application process cannot be underestimated. We see it as a powerful tool: one where applicants can state in unequivocal terms why they wish to transfer and how their new school will better help them achieve their future goals and dreams.

of our students were accepted to their first-choice school!

Amy T.
Class of 2020

Allison B.
Class of 2020

Ishana A.
Cal Tech
Class of 2020

Tanya V.
Class of 2019

Jordan R.
Class of 2019

David N.
Class of 2020

Lauren R.
Class of 2019

James F.
U Michigan
Class of 2019

Aneesha M.
Class of 2019

Jonathan N.
Class of 2020

Leah Y.
U Chicago
Class of 2019

Laura F.
Class of 2020

Greg M.
Class of 2020

Ben S.
John Hopkins
Class of 2019

Jesse A.
Class of 2018

Eduardo T.
Class of 2019

Hallie Y.
Class of 2020

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