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 Graduate School Application Essay

Graduate School Application Essay

The Graduate School Application Essay (aka: “statement of purpose,” “personal statement,” or “letter of intent”) along with the law school, medical school, and MBA essay(s) humanize the applicant by showing aspects of his or her personality that cannot be gleaned from GPA and GRE scores. This essay is the perfect opportunity for applicants to present another facet of themselves to the graduate admissions committee, convey their strengths and explain in concrete ways why they are an ideal fit for the graduate program to which they are applying.

Our Process:

  • With a journalist’s ear, we ask probing questions – looking for details and insights – to discover the applicant’s academic and professional interests. The answers to these questions helps the applicant form a structure for the essay.
  • When we receive that first draft we have another consultation to discuss the essay’s progress. Together we figure out what is working, what is not, and what can be done to elevate the essay.
  • The applicant then sends us this next draft where we discuss any final changes they can be made to the essay.

Graduate school essays are the ideal opportunity to present a candidate’s strengths and show the admissions committee members how much the applicant has to offer. Do not underestimate the power of this essay and the overall impact it can have on the graduate school admissions process.

of our students were accepted to their first-choice school!

Andrew W.
Class of 2022

Jenny T.
Class of 2022

Christine T.
Class of 2022

Claudia Y.
Class of 2022

Nicole W.
University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2022

Brandon W.
University of Michigan
Class of 2022

Ben B.
University of Chicago
Class of 2022

Aydan R.
Class of 2022

Daniel W.
Class of 2022

Alex Y.
Class of 2022

Caroline L.
Class of 2022

Carmen H.
John Hopkins
Class of 2022

Charlie O.
Class of 2022

Emma Y.
Class of 2022

Aneesha I.
Class of 2022

Eric R.
Class of 2022

Ian G.
Class of 2022

Garrett U.
Class of 2022

Thomas B.
Georgia Tech
Class of 2022

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